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Re: [ARSCLIST] ARSCLIST Digest - NAB vs. DIN recordings

>From Steven C. Barr: "...Since the "Swing Era," and in ever=incresing
numbers through the rest
of the 20th century (and, so far, the current one) the record industry
has been marketing its "product" mainly to a young...and getting younger...

I fear that you are projecting a lot of marketing power on record labels
that has never really existed.

Young audiences are far more open to adopting new "stars" into their lives
than older people. For this reason up and coming artists do much better with
young audiences and it never hurts for them to be perceived as being of the
same generation as their fans. Record labels put a limited investment into a
lot of different directions following up with additional resources for the
ones that start selling. The cost of "making something a hit" vastly exceeds
any potential profits.

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