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Re: [ARSCLIST] ARSCLIST Digest - NAB vs. DIN recordings

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From: "Don Cox" <doncox@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
> > <snip>But when it comes to marketing, well, 
> > maybe that's another department and another bag 
> > of money.
> That applies to Sony and EMI too.
> Probably the marketing people are not themselves interested in reissues
> of historic material, so cannot believe that the customers might be.
> Even marketing must need some degree of personal commitment to be done
> well.
Well, the problem is mainly this:

Since the "Swing Era," and in ever=incresing numbers through the rest
of the 20th century (and, so far, the current one) the record industry
has been marketing its "product" mainly to a young...and getting younger...
demographic! Over the last decade or two, even much of the "older demographic"
has been nostalgic baby-boomers in search of the music of their youth.

The classical market, and the "easy listening" market, are (as they always
have been!) kept happy using (with a few exceptions) the same artists and
the same repertoire. Since any music older than "baby-boomer nostalgia" is
unknown to anyone "on a decision-making level" in the industry, it is simply
ignored...after all, anyone with nostalgic interest in twenties recordings
would have to be a centenarian (a very small demographic)!

So...what you have is a body of marketers who are totally ignorant of that
particular material, and a very small (and NOT obvious) demographic to
whom it could be marketed were it extant. As well...there is, or might be,
an abundance of PART OF that material issued...either legally (where it
was created, not in the US...!) or illegally but in minimal quantities. I
suspect the industry is more or less aware of this, and is quite willing
to let this tiny market be filled by the above sources...

Steven C. Barr

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