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Re: [ARSCLIST] Hard disk drives and DAT/ calculating the future / Use LTO's

At 07:48 PM 2007-03-28, Andes, Donald wrote:
Based on stereo 16/44.1 recording, which yields 10MB of data for each
Minute of audio

Many projects are at 96/24, some are multitrack. I'm not sure if that hurts/helps your argument. To put this in perspective, multiple archives in North America even archive spoken-word cassettes at 96/24. They claim IASA TC-04 requires this, but a careful reading of TC-04 does not support that.

I am not in favor of hard drives on the shelf by any means. I'm not sure who is in this discussion. BUT when I say "hard drive" I mean a kit in an enclosure, its own power supply, and a USB/FW interface with eSATA coming soon.

My drives all spin and are checked. I have yet to implement MD5, but will on the next project.

The last bit of this discussion has centred around institutional repositories of various natures and "other cost saving methods".

What you state is true for EMI, but I do not see archives with smaller digitization projects investing in any technology like NAS RAIDs, LTO, or whatever and migrating them. That's my concern--the migration in the hands of the smaller archive. SOME of the people with content don't have the in-house capability of moving forward without some type of outside help IMHO. That is why I am pushing for partnering where the partner worries about the SAN RAID, the LTO or whatever--and the archive/client on the system is a small piece of the overall collection.



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