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Re: [ARSCLIST] Hard disk drives and DAT/ calculating the future / Use LTO's

Here's some easy numbers that put things in perspective.

Based on stereo 16/44.1 recording, which yields 10MB of data for each
Minute of audio:

600 MB = 1 hour of Audio

1 GB = roughly 1.6 Hour of Audio 

1 TB = 1666 Hour of Audio

1666 hours/52 weeks = roughly 32 Hours/week Transferring Audio Real Time
*Additional 8 hours/week spent calibrating equipment, getting coffee,
eating lunch, etc. 

Therefore, a single engineer working full time on a digitization
project, using a single machine setup, which required little downtime,
and calibration, could generate single handedly 1 TB of data in a full
year. Salary, equipment depreciation and other production costs would
easily total an EXCESS of $50,000/YR.

Cost to create (2) - 3 LTO tape sets?
Complete LTO setup (w/tapes) would be less than $5000.

Spending 10% of your budget to back up 100% of the a year long project??

This seems like a no brainer. No matter how large or small your archive.

Migration is not really an issue for a few years (say 4 years), and by
that time, migration will be easy as you'll just have to add a new LTO-4
drive, and transfer your tapes. 3 tapes/year * 4 years = 12 tapes. It
would probably take you 1 day. 

This is all A LOT easier than it seems.

The other option is to buy a few "GOOD" 1 TB drives ($500 each),
duplicate, better yet triplicate your 1 TB of data and keep them on
shelves. By the time you migrate, (4 years) you'll have 12 drives which
would have costed about the same as your LTO setup. You'd also have to
deal with hooking up older drives to newer machines, (drive formatting,
OS compatibility, etc.) and then slowly transfer multiple TB's of
non-validated data.

Why are we talking about all of this again????

Don Andes
Director of Archives
EMI Music

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