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Re: [ARSCLIST] Hard disk drives and DAT

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From: "George Brock-Nannestad" <pattac@xxxxxxxx>
> A one-time fee is the closest we can get to an investment, and it is the
> counter-intuitive need to pay a subscription that I discussed. I am not
> really sorry that physical original artefacts disappear or fade out, but that
> replacement physical artefacts and replay devices with some durability are
> not made. I know that the market cannot supply at a cost that archives can
> afford, and that for this reason ever since digital started to skyrocket
> archives have been forced to use the cheapest, because it is mass produced.
NEVER assume that a commercial operation...regardless of how great their
web pages seem to be...is any more reliable than your own hardware!

They use exactly the same hardware, but on a larger scale...and are just
as likely to experience problems as is your own system!

Steven C. Barr
(additionally, it still behooves us to retain and preserve the original-
source artifacts, if only because there always exists the possibility
that there is more information which can be extracted therefrom using
not-yet-perfected methods...)

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