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Re: [ARSCLIST] Hard disk drives and DAT

My final comment on this topic, and I do apologize to those bored by the thread.

One thing that smaller institutions should consider is that an easy ticket to likely redundancy is to make your collection publicly available as soon and as widely as possible. Every download may be the copy you need if your town burns down. If your original material was compelling enough to get preserved, SOMEONE out there is really interested in it and will be honored to have copies of it on his own hard drives. Maybe he even has RAID or is part of a large organization with a state of the art storage system. Maybe he's in another country so if the huns ever sweep through and return your location to the Dark Ages, perhaps in the last corner of modernity, your life's efforts live on. Yeah, OK, that's overly dramatic but I think you see my point.

This is a fascinating topic and I am sorry if some find it out of ARSC scope of interests. I would argue it is the central topic of our times as far as any and all collected knowledge goes.

-- Tom Fine

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