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Re: [ARSCLIST] Hard disk drives and DAT

I believe that if there are funds to digitize, a portion of the budget needs to set aside for the ongoing costs of maintaining those files. For me, this is but one of the problems with grants for digitization. 
  I am reminded of the situation with the concert hall being built here in Austin. The City is requiring that there be an endowment of several million dollars to guarantee that the hall can be maintained.
  Sometimes it just isn't a question of mechanics of storage, but staff and infrastructure that is needed to keep those plates spinning.
andy kolovos <akolovos@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
    what do individuals and institutions who lack funds do to 
manage digital assets on a short-to-medium term basis? 
  Local historical societies here in VT are generating digital image files (for example) up the wazoo. As their oral history projects move into the born digital domain, they're accumulating digital audio files as  well. Most of these organizations lack any budget outside of good will. What would you have them do with these materials? Not do interviews? 

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