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Re: [ARSCLIST] ARSCLIST Digest - NAB vs. DIN recordings

At 04:24 PM 2007-03-26, Tommy Sjöberg wrote:
Hello Richard,
although my experience is not from North America but from Sweden, I thought you might be interested in what I found as regards Butterfly heads.

Between 2000 and 2003 I took part in a digitizing effort with Universal Music's archive here, and I quote from an article I prepared for IASA: "The Butterfly heads were predominantly CCIR (67%) while the full-track tapes were predominantly NAB (84%). The two-track recordings were more evenly distributed, with 47% CCIR and 51% NAB." (Eq that is)

This was from a selection of more than 4.300 tapes, mostly 1/4", recorded at 15 ips. For the two-track recordings, I don't know if they were Ampex or NAB "standard", since we had no way to measure such small differences.

WOW! This is fascinating. I guess the problem is worldwide--or perhaps worse in Europe than in North America. THANKS!

We did play back the full-track tapes with Butterfly heads and avoided that head for the two-track tapes. Our machines were Studer A812's.

If you get full-track tapes again, I must say I find it worth it to mount a full-track head assembly in order to play the tapes. I have several (including one NeoPilot) for the A810. I also have one for the APR-5000, and what's interesting there is I've relieved the guides so that we do not get any binding with 6.5 mm Magnetophonband. While I'd expect less of a difference between full-track and DIN (Butterfly), I heard a huge difference between NAB and Full track. It's odd, it's not just a noise floor issue, but almost a "texture" issue. Things sound smoother with the full-track head. I think the difference is based on micro-dropouts or "grain" of the tape. It's especially noticeable with the older tapes.



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