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Re: [ARSCLIST] NAB vs. DIN recordings

Richard L. Hess wrote:

I am interested in David Lennick's comments as to the wide utilization of the DIN heads (2.8 mm tracks) throughout CBC).

I wonder if the EQ was NAB or IEC?

I just cleaned a couple of moldy CBC Toronto tapes and they are indeed DIN track width. They sound like NAB EQ, however.

Couldn't tell you any more than that..I was a host and producer in the 80s, and they'd just come through having NABET busted. Prior to '82, if as a free-lancer I brought in one of my own tapes to play they had to have one of their techs re-record it (on an off-speed Ampex down in the basement). I eventually swiped a roll of NABET stickers and began to make sure I used the same type of tape (which was easy to obtain, since Tape Reclaim never cleared the hallways and a trip through the building any night would yield up tons of reusable reels). Them was the days.


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