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Re: [ARSCLIST] NAB vs. DIN recordings

on 3/25/07 4:30 PM US/Central, Tom Fine at tflists@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

> It would seem like you'd be safest using the narrowest track width as it
> should play everything at least OK and not pick up any outside-of-track
> garbage from a tape, no?

Your better off using the proper repro track width. You'll get the best s/n
ratio, and you'll eliminate the fringing effect.

If it's a mystery tape, then it can be diagnosed first with a 4-channel 1/4"

A 2.75mm stereo head will give you about 2dB better s/n ratio compared the
2mm heads, according to Studer's specs for the A820, depending on speed, and
eq standard. As for which eq standard you want to use for record/playback,
you can align your machine to whatever you want. In the case of the A820,
you can align for NAB, and then select NAB or (old) CCIR, or align for both,
etc., and then data b/u your parameters to a PC via a serial connection. You
can even align for Nagra eq. I use both 2.1mm and 2.75 mm stereo heads, as
well as full track heads.

In the case of certain forensic work, or physically distorted 1/4" tape,
then you may want to use narrower playback track heads. It's dictated by the

Parker Dinkins
MasterDigital Corporation
Audio Restoration + CD Mastering

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