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[ARSCLIST] Hard disk drives and DAT

Hello ARSC folks,

I'm new to the list, so apologies if these questions have been asked
previously. I found quite a bit of information in the ARSC archives, but
none that directly apply.

I'm working on a project, making conservation recommendations for a
filmmaker who works from an archive of his own documentation and footage
going back 23 years. Much of his audio is DAT, and while I'd like to
recommend the Broadcast wave file format, I'm unsure as to what type of
hard disk drive would be best suited for production purposes (and future
preservation work!). I'm recommending that he put the files on 3
different HDDs (one for production, one "on-the-shelf", and one
off-site) and back-up onto gold archival CDs. Our budget is very
limited, however, and RAID storage systems or LTO tape systems are out
of the question. The plan also includes a regular inspection/
refreshing/ migration schedule. The original tapes consist of legacy
material, either original documentation or finished pieces. 
Any recommendations on the HDD front, in terms of preferred brands,
characteristics to look out for, and so on? 

And finally, does anyone know of a supplier for archival, polypropylene
containers for DAT tapes?

Many thanks,

Lauren Sorensen
NYU Moving Image Archiving & Preservation

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