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Re: [ARSCLIST] copyright and archives query

Steven C. Barr(x) wrote:

Note that this information is AFAIK...!

1) Since you are located in the USA, and the recordings were made in
the USA, they fall under existing US copyright law...which states that
EVERY sound recording made in the USA is either under copyright or
protected by more-inclusive state legislation until January 1, 2067
(or later if the law is amended...!)!

With the same caveat, I add that in the U.S., copyright is also valid from the year 0 for recordings made and published in other countries. If the recording is in the public domain elsewhere, it may be "restored" in the U.S.

While that is unlikely to be relevant to the original query, the restriction in Steven's message is too strong for others.

(The Capitol/Naxes case which led to this situation was for a recording made in Great Britain and published there, where it is no longer protected. But it is here!)


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