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Re: [ARSCLIST] copyright and archives query

On 25/03/07, Mike Richter wrote:

> Steven C. Barr(x) wrote:
>> Note that this information is AFAIK...!
>> 1) Since you are located in the USA, and the recordings were made in
>> the USA, they fall under existing US copyright law...which states
>> that EVERY sound recording made in the USA is either under copyright
>> or protected by more-inclusive state legislation until January 1,
>> 2067 (or later if the law is amended...!)!
> With the same caveat, I add that in the U.S., copyright is also valid
> from the year 0 for recordings made and published in other countries.
> If the recording is in the public domain elsewhere, it may be
> "restored" in the U.S.
> While that is unlikely to be relevant to the original query, the 
> restriction in Steven's message is too strong for others.
> (The Capitol/Naxes case which led to this situation was for a
> recording made in Great Britain and published there, where it is no
> longer protected. But it is here!)

Before considering publishing a book on music, move to Canada.

Don Cox

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