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Re: [ARSCLIST] Two other N.Y. Times article on a different type of digitizing

On 13/03/07, Tom Fine wrote:

> One thing related to this I've always wondered. For instance, an old
> piano recording, a great performance but a crapola 78 recording. Why
> couldn't modern MIDI software recreate all the subtle attack, decay,
> rhythmic eccentricities, etc that make the performance unique and then
> play it back on a good if not fantastic sounding MIDI Yamaha grand
> piano, for example? Not sure if this is doable to the level of
> precision I'd want, but it's an interesting thing. Perhaps one day,
> all low-fidelity recordings of great musical merit can be recreated in
> high fidelity. Then again, perhaps not?
One major problem is that the various notes of a chord are played at
different velocities (to use the MIDI term), in order to bring out the

I think it would be very difficult to disentangle this from the noisy

Don Cox

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