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Re: [ARSCLIST] Two other N.Y. Times article on a different type of digitizing

On 13/03/07, Marcos Sueiro wrote:

> Tom,
> It looks like the first article is exactly about that. Only MIDI is
> too crude a language (e.g. only sustain pedal on/off), so I think
> Zenph created its own software.
> As the reviewer points out, though, a performer will change his 
> performance with the instrument. I would add: a performer will also 
> change his performance to the hall (although maybe less in a studio).
> I would also add that I have heard few (no?) Yamaha pianos that I
> like.
Most classical piano recordings have been made on Steinways. For some
reason the people who try to make playback systems of this type always
use some other type of piano, so the sound is wrong from the start.

And no two Steinways will sound exactly alike. And each one varies
according to the tuning and preparation.

The better the pianist, the more likely it is that the playing will
allow for these subtle variations; and it is the best pianists that we
want to hear.

Don Cox

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