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[ARSCLIST] Endless debates--was: The case for message boards.

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From: "Paul Tyler" <ptyler@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
> I also have had good success with Yahoo! groups.  And I would never willingly
touch a Mac.
Having been a high school student (and thus, by extension, a car nut)
back in the late fifties, this "Wintel vs. Mac" battle reminds me all
too much of our standard "Ford vs. Chevrolet" debate! Same level of
enthusiasm, same unquestioning devotion, same total overlooking of
any valid points made by the "other side"...

I'm basically a "Wintel shop" because those are what show up at
VERY low prices at used-computer dealers...I'll be upgrading to a
P4 for about $150 or so, which suits my VERY limited funds. Not
prejudiced...just seriously broke!

Sound recording references: "The Little Ford Rambled Right Along,"
"Henry's Made a Lady Out Of Lizzie" and "Little Deuce Coupe"...

Steven C. Barr
(whose car back then was a 1951 Cadillac Fleetwood...shoulda hung
on to it...)

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