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Re: [ARSCLIST] The case for message boards.

We have forum bulletin board (web forum) for the 78-L list, which archives the last 5 years of messages, displays them in thread-form, and allows searches of the subjects or subjects and bodies of messages.  I set up a dedicated server to do this because I hate the advertising and pop-ups so much.  This is read-only, and an alternative to reading the posts with an email program.  Its really nice for searches of previous posts/threads.

I could easily add a threaded, searchable, read-only forum for ARSCLIST list, if that should be desired by ASRCLIST.  See http://www.78online.com/forum and click on 78-L for an example.   There is no login, and you cannot originate posts, you can only read posts on this 'customized' web forum.

   Ron Fial

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