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Re: [ARSCLIST] Web radio stations fear royalties will end free music stream

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From: "George Strawley" <strawley@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
> Thought some on the list might find the article below interesting. My
> apologies if it's a previously hashed-over issue that I missed:
> Online music lovers soon may hear the sounds of silence, Internet radio
> stations warned yesterday, saying they cannot afford to pay new hikes in
> government-mandated royalties to the recording industry.
This has been all over the blues lists to which I subscribe...since most
blues programming is on non-commercial stations, inluding a number of
web-only operations (like the one I do a blues show for...!).

RIAA would actually see rather those who make recorded music available over
the Internet hung up by their naughty bits, upside down, until the screams
stop...but, that being illegal in North America, they have to settle for
forcing them to disappear...!

It's a shame Sonny Bono is regarded as a martyr...

Steven C. Barr
("webcasting" deejay here in Oshawa, Ont'o., Canada...)

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