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[ARSCLIST] Another strange quest...

On the odd chance there are any more dedicated "keep it all"
pack rats out in Radio-land...

What I'm looking for is the 1.44 floppy discs (or copies thereof)
needed to install MS Office 6.0 or its Access 2.0 component.

I just picked up (cheap) an ancient IBM PS-1 486SX (c. 1993?)--
and would like to install Access (any version) to continue my
"Project find out WHICH 78's I own..."!

Copy-floppies (rhyme unintentional) are acceptable...however,
like most digital museum pieces, my "IBM 2133A PS-1" wots not
of CD's, CD-ROM's and other 21st century hoohah...!

There was once a time when the (digital) world revolved around
"C:\" rather than double-clicked icons...?!

Steven C. Barr

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