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Re: [ARSCLIST] Public's rights....was offlist archival question from ARSC list member

Unfortunately it often becomes worse, when the artists estate steps in,
and grossly OVER calculates what they "believe" the material to be
worth, and won't settle for anything semi-reasonable when negotiating.

This is another major reason materials don't get re-released. 

The strangest thing here is, these are usually the folks that have
indirectly profited from the artists work their whole life, and often
don't have the faintest idea of the artist intentions of the deceased.

Don Andes
Director of Archives
EMI Music

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Does this become null and void after an artist dies ?

Bob Olhsson <olh@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote: Don Andes writes:
>Opinion A) NO - What gives anyone or everyone the right to be able to 
>hear every note that said artist recorded?

This is the position the vast majority of artists and producers I know
will take. Some destroy everything but the final master if they think
there is even the slightest chance of losing control over it. They
consider it part of their right to privacy to control what the public
will have access to.

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