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[ARSCLIST] Two interesting websites

I found a pile of 60s 45s,at the flea market today,my first in about 8-10 months.in the pile,were a couple of gems,on the Tropical label,out of Deland,Florida.This being a vanity label,best known,if at all,for launching the short-lived career of The Nightcrawlers http://www.answers.com/topic/the-nightcrawlers-rock-band ,best known for the immortal "Little Black Egg",although The Bourbons did a superior version of it.The two I found were a Blue-Eyed Soul/Mod gem,by Roger Hamilton and The Odds and Ends,and a 60s rockabilly 45,by Ronnie Knull and The Sands, different from the one comped by Bear Family.In looking these up on Google,I found this great site: http://www.songpoemmusic.com/ This site is an exhaustive discography,and overall appreciation of the whole business of song-poems.You know those places that ran back-of-the-magazine ads,that set poems to music. Many of these labels,also did vanity pressing records,so sought after by rock collectors.The site is a new one to
 me,although it has been up since 2004.A lot of research went into it.The articles on the site,go back over 100 years,and are a facinating read,for anybody interested in the seamy underbelly of the popular music business.

The other site I found,is this one: http://p220.ezboard.com/blimestonelounge ,which shows you what a board can look like,if done right.


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