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[ARSCLIST] Tapes and Mold

Hi --

We sometimes get tapes that show signs of having been exposed to
moisture or excessive humidity and therefore mold. Fortunately, I have
yet to see a tape or tape box with what appears to be life growing on
it, but then I'm hardly a mycologist (a person that studies molds). 

There's quite a bit of discussion about mold spores being able to
hibernate dried out until given a more favorable set of conditions. So,
what looks "dead" could perhaps just be "sleeping".

What are the reasonable precautions to take when handling these tapes?
Beyond the general conversation about allergic reaction, is there any
serious danger and if so, under what conditions? I want to adequately
protect myself, and even more important, completely protect people
working for me. 


-- Steve 

Steve Puntolillo
Sonicraft A2DX Lab - Ultimate A_nalog 2 D_igital X_fers

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