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Re: [ARSCLIST] Thanks for Civil Rights and Golf Information

Hi Suzanne

I did not see your original post.  However I would like to suggest that you
contact the Center for Oral History & Cultural Heritage at the University of
Southern Mississippi (601-266-4574).  They have a large collection of Civil
Rights audio - 266 interviews I digitized when I was employed there.  There
are another 220 which I was unable to complete as the funding ran out.
Also, the Mississippi Department of Archives and History, in Jackson, MS,
has a lot of Civil Rights audio.  They are the caretakers for Tougaloo
College's Civil Rights audio also. Contact Elaine Owens on 601-576-6869.

If you would like to call me I can let you know of several other collections
in Mississippi and New Orleans.



Marie O'Connell
Sound Archivist/Audio Engineer/Sound Consultant
3017 Nebraska Avenue
Santa Monica, CA, 90404
Ph: 310-453-1617
Fax: 310-453-1717
Mobile: 601-329-6911

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Thanks to everyone who gave me some great leads on material for my
projects.  Particular thanks to Bernhard Wichert for his extensive
information on Civil Rights recordings; and Don Cox for his suggestion
to check Alistair Cooke's Letter from America series for golf
references.  Also thanks to Tom Fine (for suggesting the USGA Archive)
and and Steven Smolian (for strengthening my hope that someone local may
have material).




Suzanne M. Whitehouse

Research Coordinator



Monadnock Media, Inc.


Email:  suzanne@xxxxxxxxxxxxx





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