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[ARSCLIST] Schedule For Radio Dismuke Broadcast With Kurt Nauck

This is a follow up to my previous posting about the
Radio Dismuke broadcast in early November with special
guest Kurt Nauck of Nauck's Vintage Records. 

The broadcast dates have been set for November 4,
November 5, November 10 and November 11.  For specific
program times in your time zone, please refer to the
chart at

Please note that the broadcast times listed are for
the exact same program - it is simply being repeated
so that people in various time zones across the world
will have a chance to listen in.

For those who missed the previous positng Kurt Nauck
is making all of the nearly 10,000 vintage records in
his current auction available for the program.  The
specific recordings played will be based on requests
that Radio Dismuke listeners and Nauck's customers
have emailed in over the past few weeks.   We will be
playing recordings from just about every musical genre
imaginable between the late 19th century through the
end of the 78 rpm era in the late 1950s.   The program
will also feature vintage cylinder records played over
Kurt's Archeophone - a modern device specifically
designed for the playback and preservation of the
earliest format of recorded sound.   We conducted a
similar broadcast with the previous Nauck's auction
back in April and it was so well-received we have
decided to make it a semi-annual feature.  

These Naucks broadcasts feature a great many rare
recordings that have not been reissued in modern
formats and, in some cases, have not been played for a
public audience in many decades.  I encourage fans of
vintage music in all genres to mark your calendars and
try to tune in on one of the broadcasts.  It will be a
unique opportunity to hear rare recordings that you
might not get a chance to hear again for a long time.

For more information about Radio Dismuke, the special
broadcast and instructions on how to listen, visit the
Radio Dismuke website at: http://RadioDismuke.com  To
view the list of vintage records in the current
auction, vist the Nauck's Vintage Records website at:

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