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Re: [ARSCLIST] Another chime in the deathknell for CD's?

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From: "Tom Fine" <tflists@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
> Keep in mind that this CEO has not always been credible on his predictions,
but what he's saying
> makes some sense.
> Hey, they could use all those idle SACD manufacturing lines to make dual-layer
discs that might
> actually sell -- DVD video on one layer and CD audio on the other. No one's
going to pay $18+ for
> it, though, so lower prices back down to $10-12 might help.
The main thing at issue here is whether the "current generation"...
that is, people who live in prosperous economies (North America,
Europe, Japan, Australia...) and have reached adolescence in the
past decade or so...will continue using their computers and/or
"home-burnt" digital media as their primary source of musical
entertainment, since they have grown up with it (just as many
if not most of us "old f...ogeys" still use LP's...those of
us with 78 fixations [i.e. me] need not apply?) or whether
they are ready to accept any "new, improved" technology
that has more features (and, no, I don't know what that/
those might be!)...

Steven C. Barr

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