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Re: [ARSCLIST] Another chime in the deathknell for CD's?

On 29/10/06, Tom Fine wrote:
> Yes, yes, and yes again! No one's figgered out how to stuff them thar
> booklets into an iPod yet!
> The last attempt at "bonus" materials on a CD was the CD-Plus format,
> which was mostly abandoned because it stymied some older CD players,
> usually involved automatically-triggered downloads of junkware if
> inserted into a computer, and the "bonus" material was generally vapid
> promo info and a jumpy low-rez video or two. Yuk! Most groups got
> enough pushback from fans to just establish websites for this stuff.
> Now, on the other hand, what would be truly interesting would be, for
> instance, a running libretto for an opera, or a clever animation of a
> ballet. Or, for a classic rock album, perhaps running guitar
> tabliture. All of this requires skilled labor manhours to encode and
> thus costs money and thus will not be forthcoming from Big Music.

These things would probably go better on DVD.

The market for opera and ballet on DVD seems to be healthy.

Don Cox

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