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Re: [ARSCLIST] Radio News and Sports Reports

On 29/10/06, Steven C. Barr(x) wrote:

>> > -Radio reports or broadcasts of golf tournaments from 1955-1965 (or
>> > any period in the early 20th century).
>> > 
>> Did you check the BBC's archive of the weekly "Letter from America"
>> by Alistair Cooke? He often talked about golf.
> This brings up a related question...were there ever any play-by-play
> radio broadcasts of golf matches? To me, the sport doesn't seem to
> lend itself to radio! I would imagine that the results of major
> events were reported in sportscasts (to the extent that THEY existed
> on radio)...
> I suspect this might actually be a sociological question...golf has
> always been identified with the "upper class," and today's increased
> popularity of the sport may be a function of the larger number of
> people who are (or who feel they are, or will become) part of that
> elite group?

I think golf is a middle class sport, rather than upper class.

It may be different in Scotland.

Don Cox

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