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Re: [ARSCLIST] The Incompetence of Sonny Bono

On 28/10/06, Mike Loughlin wrote:
> Hello Mike, Actually Disney made a cartoon in Kansas City that was
> based on the Alice in Alice in wonderland. He brought this as his
> resume around Hollywood trying to get work. A certain Mrs. Winkler was
> the producer of Pat Sullivan's "Felix the Cat" probably the most
> popular cartoon at the time. Sullivan refused to work for Winkler
> anymore and so he hired Disney, Who took the Alice from his Alice in
> Wonderland cartoon (She not only shared the name, but the look of the
> Alice character also) and combined her with a cat character "Julius"
> the cat who was a direct steal from the Felix the Cat character. Also
> the idea of a young "live" girl named Alice in the wonderland of
> cartoon animation came to Disney from Dodgson's book. In other words
> Disney was a not only a scab but an idea thief as well.

The Alice-in-Wonderland character had really become a part of popular
mythology by then. I am sure you would find many other examples of its
use, as well as editions of the books from dozens of publishers.
> Oh yeah, a few years later on he did make a few million from a feature
> length cartoon entitled "Alice in Wonderland, which I do believe was
> based on Dodgson's book, and which Dodgson's estate never got a penny
> out of.

Nor should they have done. The work was long since out of copyright.

Don Cox

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