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On 28/10/06, Milan P. Milovanovic wrote:
> There is nothing mystical about it, and it can be easily verified. Do
> compression of wav file with any of those lossless compressors (but
> beware not to use hybrid compression): FLAC, Wavpack, Ape and so
> forth, then restore it to the wav and make binary comparison between
> initial and last file - files will be the same. You can try the same
> with WinZip or WinRar, result will be the same.

Now use a Hex editor to change one bit in the compressed file, and try

Of course it is lossless when everything is working perfectly. The
question is which is more robust when faults develop.
> Only metadata or some tags will be affected on some lossless
> compression, but since I store no data with wave file, there is no
> trouble.

Don Cox

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