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Re: [ARSCLIST] Try Real Alternative (was RealNetworks -- a horrid format from a horrible company)

A similar behavior to Real Audio?  I don't thing you understand the problem
with Real Audio... Perhaps you already own the fully blown and most current
version of the software?  That would explain it.

The option you refer to in WMP - is in fact an OPTION.  You have to turn it
on, or the installer asks you once during the installation.  However this is
non-obtrusive.  Real Audio pop-ups are obtrusive - and you can't turn them
off.  And it is not easy to remove the software/spyware - unless you know
what you're doing.

Apples and oranges...

Rob Poretti
Sascom - Toronto
vox.905.825.5373    fax.905.469.1129     cel.905.580.2467
www.sascom.com    www.cube-tec.com

> As for it being "spyware" - my understanding is that
> Windows Media player can also behave in a similar
> manner by transmitting information to Microsoft
> regarding one's listening habits.

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