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Re: [ARSCLIST] The Incompetence at ENHS

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From: "Mike Loughlin" <mikel78_rpm@xxxxxxxxxxx>
> This is exactly the problem. Look at the Library of Congress, it is they who 
> restrict access to Columbia cylinders, are we to accept that Sony, a 
> Japanese company, has the right to tell the American People what is in their 
> public domain? In other words, the Japanese can control the American Memory? 
At this point they do...Sony/BMG, being corporate successors to
CBS-Columbia, who were in turn corporate successors to ARC, who
acquired the remains of Columbia in 1934 (note that there is a
researcher involved in establishing the details) thus, under the
current system of functionally-eternal copyright in sound recordings,
now control all Columbia recordings, as well as all Okeh, Plaza, Pathe,
and Cameo recordings and certain Brunswick and Vocalion recordings.
As well, via their merger with BMG, they control all Victor and
Bluebird recordings.

However, Grey Gull is so far free...if only because nobody is in
a position to sue for copyright infringement, in spite of the
fact it would technically occur!

Steven C. Barr

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