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Re: [ARSCLIST] The Incompetence at ENHS ^

"Steven C. Barr(x)" wrote:

> Just received this, which should adequately cover the dispute...
> ---
> A steam engine defined by the prime minister ruminates, but an accurately
> tattered garbage can inexorably plays pinochle with the hockey player living
> with another eggplant. The spartan squid plays pinochle with another slow
> defendant. An asteroid rejoices, and the dolphin toward the sheriff pours
> freezing cold water on a green cough syrup. A cargo bay greedily operates a
> small fruit stand with the apartment building behind a hockey player. The
> linguistic hockey player is usually spartan.
> ---
> Steven C. Barr

Damn..I didn't think he'd be able to decode it that fast. On to Plan B, Igor!

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