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Re: [ARSCLIST] Edisoniae--was: The Incompetence at ENHS

Roger and Allison Kulp wrote:
I don't know the history of how the recordings got
into the hands of McGraw/Hill,in 1956,someone could
enlighten me here.Why didn't they just put the
catalogue,on the market,and let some other label
reissue the stuff,and make money off of it ?

Putting recordings "on the market" is very expensive for a player in this game. Cylinder reproduction is unthinkable, of course, and reissuing a cylinder in that form would certainly limit the market. <G>

Reissuing a "78" if metal parts are available requires a suitable pressing plant - and, of course, a potential market to justify the expense. Even so, there is such a process continuing today; check out Historic Masters, Ltd. However, I doubt that that's what you have in mind.

So someone has to invest in digitizing the recordings, which has been done for those at the ENHS. Then they must be engineered for publication, which is quite costly; organized for distribution in some form; and made available for distribution.

However, the bottom line may be: what's in it for the publisher? What incentive is there either to publish themselves or to license for publication? For the mass of material here, the odds are that the legal costs for licensing would exceed its receipts.

Those companies who have been willing to license are to be commended even if they require unreasonable numbers of copies to be made.


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