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Holy crap... I took a closer look at your initial comment and I must
apologize.  I assumed you were talking about a **work copies**... Not your

BWF is the standard for audio archives.  You should not even consider
anything else.

Keep your sys admin out of your archiving business - he doesn't seem to know
much about it.

Rob Poretti
Sascom - Toronto
vox.905.825.5373    fax.905.469.1129     cel.905.580.2467
www.sascom.com    www.cube-tec.com

> Our systems administrator is pushing hard for us to use FLAC 
> to save and store audio files (as a replacement for wav) and 
> seems impervious to my hesitations (and subsequent 
> explanations) about any type of compression for digital audio 
> (I'm speaking here of our preservation/archival copies), even 
> so called lossless compression. 

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