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[ARSCLIST] William Randolph Hearst

1. William Randolph Hearst financed Edison's film companyt to go to Tampa Florida and then to Cuba to make kinetoscopes of the war. He was the one who paid for the filming of "The Burial of the Maine Victims. No newspaper story or photos had a bigger impact than these films. Buffalo Bill was recorded by Berliner urging America to go to war over the "atrocities" in Cuba. Of course newspapers were bigger at the time, even up to Wilson but their influence was soon to shrink, due to movies, radio, television and now to today, where the illiterate hold sway over the country. This whole process was begun on Dec 6 1877.

2. I said nothing about Eldridge Johnson being an infringer. Berliner was, which is why he ran to Canada. Edison had a reluctance to enter the disc market because the spiraling discs had an inherent flaw making them an inferior medium as far as the sound quality was concerned. Play a Blue Amberol with an electric pickup and you will hear sound quality unequalled by any other medium at the time, even the Diamond Disc, which also produced a sound quality unmatched by any othe recording company. It is funny that today people worry about "Copyrights" for recordings that are over 100 years old (a clear violation of the constitutions "limited time" regulation but don't see that from 1877-at least 1900 Edison should have had the right to control the entire recorded sound industry. The problem was the idea was so simple everyone thinks they would have thought of it. Edison invented the phonograph practically by accident. But he still invented it and patented it. His patent was never respected.

3. Lincoln and Wilson probably threw reporters in jail because they didn't want people debating important issues "ad nauseum"

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Subject: Re: [ARSCLIST] The Incompetence at ENHS
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As important as this material is,it is in public
domain,as such I agree it should be out
there.However,from your posts here,you do not make it
clear,if the material is caught up in government red
tape,or if there are not enough people at Menlo
Park/East Orange ,to do the work of digitizing,and
uploading it,or if you are merely concerned about
somebody else taking credit for your work.I do not
know the background to your story,beyond what you
say,but each of these are different issues,that need
to be addressed seperately.Not all of which,should be
addressed here.

The phonograph was important,but not as important as
the newspaper was in shaping American politics.William
Randolph Hearst,being the obvious example.Why do you
think Woodrow Wilson pick up Lincoln's practice of
throwing newspaper editors,and magazine publishers in
jail ?

And,as for Johnson & Berliner stealing Edison's
ideas,that is open to debate,I don't believe they
did,given Edison's initial reluctance to enter the
disc market.As well as the reasons he made his
discs,and players incompatable,with any other
maker's.All of which has been documented,and
debated,ad nauseum elsewhere.

With that I say goodnight.
                             Roger Kulp

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