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Re: [ARSCLIST] Effect of vibrations on audio tape

Speaking of interference, our campus is about a mile from the Santa Barbara airport. We get interference from the airport radar (we think). It's cyclical and we've ruled out just about everything else (elevators, fluorescent lights). It's only picked up by things that are microphonic like phono cartridges and doesn't affect the shielded balanced lines. If you listen very, very carefully to our cylinders you might be able to hear it.

Jim Wheeler once suggested that we line the studio with that copper sheeting with holes in it like the door of a microwave oven. We never did this, but I'm open to suggestions.

David Seubert

We also get interference from

Peter@xxxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:

One other issue that you might need to look into is the cables in your studio. I know of at least one facility that ended up with serious problems because of the interference caused by rail switching equipment and insufficient shielding on their cables. Unfortunately, you won't know if this is a problem until the rail line goes into operation.

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