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Re: [ARSCLIST] Fw: International Records

He their son & nephew respectively.

David Lennick <dlennick@xxxxxxxxxxxx> 
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10/26/2006 05:22 PM
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Re: [ARSCLIST] Fw: International Records

Is Jay Shulman related to the Shulman Brothers, who I thought were the 
of the label? The presence of the New Friends of Music and the Stuyvesant
Quartet led me to that belief. The American Record Label Directory lists 
owner, just a Long Island address and a 1946 date.


Dick Spottswood wrote:

> Can anyone help him?
> ----- Forwarded by Dick Spottswood/dick/AmericanU on 10/26/2006 04:55 PM
> -----
> "Jay Shulman" <shulmuse@xxxxxxxxxxx>
> 10/26/2006 04:26 PM
> To
> <dick@xxxxxxxx>
> cc
> Subject
> International Records
> Hello Dick,
> Geoff Wheeler gave me your e-mail.
> I am seeking information about the short-lived,
> post WWII independent label, International Records.
> Can you help?
> Thanks,
> Jay Shulman
> POB 602
> Claverack, NY 12513
> http://www.capital.net/com/ggjj/shulman

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