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Re: [ARSCLIST] Harmony acoustics, 1925

Steven C Barr wrote:

> I should note that my observation [about bass content on a Harmony
acoustic recording] wasn't based on spectrum 
> analysis or other sophisticated means...I simply put a 
> 10-band home equalizer in the hardware chain and turned up 
> the bottom octaves to maximum.
> Therefore, I can't say "I heard bass down to x-many Hertz..." 
> I can only say that I could hear the string bass, though 
> nowhere near as strongly as on an electric record...

...and I should also add that my measurements on 5 Harmony acoustics aren't
scientifically sufficient to conclude that *all* Harmony acoustics are
bass-deficient. My guess, however, is that Steven most likely boosted the
level of the first harmonic of the string bass, thereby giving the
impression of more realistic sound. That, plus the contextual (i.e. expected
acoustical response by the listener) filtering we are so adept at employing
probably resulted in a satisfying experience. What 's usually missing is the
"floor" of these instruments (i.e. the fundamental), without the sound still
remains distant from reality. Finding and amplifying this floor for the
brass bass on the aforementioned Coon-Sanders Nighthawks recordings
immediately brings life and a sense of reality to the sound. However, if
bass data are not present on a recording, then no amount of restoration will
improve that part of the spectrum.

Aaron Z

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