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Re: [ARSCLIST] Mostly for laughs

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From: "David Breneman" <david_breneman@xxxxxxxxx>
> --- David Breneman <*ME*> wrote:
> > What causes it to move outward is the fact that the axis of
> > rotation under the stylus is not perpendicular to the tonearm
> > pivot point.  
> And from this point I get it exactly backwards.  I sent a mea
> culpa to the list but it never showed up. so consider
> this a retraction. :-)   Sorry...
And, by the same token, I have to admit wrongness...
Obviously, an object resting on a rotating record (or whatever)
will rotate with the record...while the needle, held in one
place by the tonearm, won't...

Steven C. Barr

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