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Re: [ARSCLIST] Radio News and Sports Reports

Someone, apparently, has a rather robust golf archive because there's a current-running commercial for I think Royal Bank of Scotland with Jack Nichlas that includes footage and announcer audio way back in his career up to the end. I'd imagine USGA either owns the archive or can tell you where to go.

As for Albany, GA, here are a couple of suggestions I've found useful for local radio broadcasts:

1. contact long-standing AM stations. More than you'd imagine have historical audio, even those swept up by the Clearchannels of the world. Start with any standing independents, though, because they are more likely to have someone around who knows what's in the tape library if there is one.

2. also try local television stations. From that era, TV audio is often very closely akin to radio audio and usable for a documentary or exhibit. Most TV folks of that era were migrated from radio so their approach was radio with pictures, especially for local news.

3. see if you can find a local ham radio group. These are the kind of folks who make and keep aircheck tapes. Ask around and you might be surprised.

4. of course, also check with regional or national civil rights-oriented institutions or archives. There may be a central repository for localized broadcast media from the day.

Now, all of that said, you may find little or nothing. Radio and TV were often viewed as ephemeral and systematic logging/recording was rare in those days. I'm always fascinated with aircheck tapes and disks and am sometimes surprised with what I turn up, but it's very random and serendipitous. For instance, I bought 10 used reels of Ampex 632 tape on ebay because the price was right. Turns out they were saved from a dumpster from one of Chicago's AM radio stations and contain recordings either taken off the satellite feed for later broadcast or airchecks from the early 1990s. It's interesting how much has changed just since then. BTW, these tapes are 3.75IPS full-track, which makes me think they were station logs.

-- Tom Fine

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For golf, try the USGA which has a sound and film archive.

Steve Smolian

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I am an audiovisual researcher working for a company that specializes in making museum exhibits. I am currently working on a couple of projects that call for historical audio materials. Specifically, I am looking for sources for the following:

-Radio news reports of events relating to the Civil Rights Movement in
Albany, Georgia, 1960-1965.  I would also be interested in regional or
national radio news reports of civil rights movement related stories
from that same time period.

-Radio reports or broadcasts of golf tournaments from 1955-1965 (or any
period in the early 20th century).

Any assistance any members of the list could provide would be greatly


Suzanne M. Whitehouse

Research Coordinator


Monadnock Media, Inc.

Phone: (413) 665-1390

Fax: (413) 665-1394

Email: suzanne@xxxxxxxxxxxxx


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