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Re: [ARSCLIST] Radio News and Sports Reports

On 25/10/06, Suzanne Whitehouse wrote:
> I am an audiovisual researcher working for a company that specializes
> in making museum exhibits. I am currently working on a couple of
> projects that call for historical audio materials. Specifically, I am
> looking for sources for the following:
> -Radio news reports of events relating to the Civil Rights Movement in
> Albany, Georgia, 1960-1965.  I would also be interested in regional or
> national radio news reports of civil rights movement related stories
> from that same time period.
> -Radio reports or broadcasts of golf tournaments from 1955-1965 (or
> any period in the early 20th century).
Did you check the BBC's archive of the weekly "Letter from America" by
Alistair Cooke? He often talked about golf.

Don Cox

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