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Re: [ARSCLIST] Early Polydor electrics, the depression, etc

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From: "Steven Smolian" <smolians@xxxxxxxxx>
> See Tim Brooks/Rust's Columbia matrix listings.  Some are WE, most, issued 
> on Harmony are without.  I can't give you the exact dates at the moment.
As I recall, "parallel recording" for Harmony (et al) and Columbia
(and Okeh as well) wasn't used until after the "cheap labels" had
all been changed to electric product. I'd have to dig out ADBD to
verify this, so there may have been other earlier examples...?
And (again IIRC) the Harmony-group records didn't show the circled
"W" even after they were electric...and I don't know if it has
ever been established if Columbia "stiffed" WE for these or not...

Steven C. Barr

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