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Re: [ARSCLIST] Record flattening

It provides better control of temperature and timing, parallel
plates and uniform pressure than a DIY set-up.  When working
with rare/valuable media, you want consistent results.

However, with some experimentation - and a VERY well-controlled
oven (convection is best for uniform temperature distribution)
you can accomplish something similar.  The temperatures
need to be VERY low.  We're talking very low 100s Fahrenheit.

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It's audiophool stuff.  You can do the same thing with two pieces of
glass and an oven.

Steven Smolian wrote:
> In the current high-end catalog, Musicdirect, a record flattening machine
is offered.  It's at the bottom of p. 30 and called "Air Tight DT-01."
Anyone have experience with it?
> I can't find a manufacter on the net so can't ask him questions.  How does
it work on 78s is the big one.
> Steve Smolian

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