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Re: [ARSCLIST] Mostly for laughs

Yes, and I've never understood why you HAVE to track so heavy on those old 78s. Big, lazy grooves. Nothing that even approaches high frequencies (12k?). 78rpm just stretches out all the difficult stuff so nicely (compared to the inner grooves of a stereo microgroove). Also, they aren't know to have huge transients (bass drum whacks). It always seemed like tracing a microgroove was way more difficult.

David Lennick wrote:
Don't know the weight, but as it turns out, this stylus is hardly a dud..I was using too
light a tracking force on it!


phillip holmes wrote:

How many grams is five cents?  I'm surprised that Expert made a dud.
They have two cartridges of mine being rebuilt.

David Lennick wrote:
"From: "phillip holmes" <insuranceman@xxxxxxxxxx>

Absolutely.  And I totally agree that actually building a listening room
can be prohibitively expensive.  Improvements are easily made with small
adjustments.  Too many people find some formula to use, set their
listening room up and never listen to the results.  I've had epiphanies
from moving the speakers a few inches.

Hey..I had an epiphany that cost me five cents. A 2.0 mil Truncated Elliptical
stylus from Expert that I got a couple of years ago had never given me joy..loose
fit, too much chatter, variable results, but as a last resort I tried it this week
on a difficult disc, and added a five cent piece to the tone arm (the Stanton
styli won't take that much extra weight). It played gorgeously. I ended up
re-doing two projects this weekend because of the improvement.


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