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Re: [ARSCLIST] Mostly for laughs

Absolutely. And I totally agree that actually building a listening room can be prohibitively expensive. Improvements are easily made with small adjustments. Too many people find some formula to use, set their listening room up and never listen to the results. I've had epiphanies from moving the speakers a few inches. The sound would come into focus or a bass problem would be ameliorated. There's a lot of trial and error that you can't predict. If you just go by room dimensions, you may be wrong. Take into account what else is in the room (big sofas-metal chairs), what the walls are made of (plaster or concrete is a big plus over traditional drywall), what the floors are made of (concrete VS wood) and on and on. I've noticed that many people are looking for different results. Their ideal sound can be radically different from the next guy's. For instance, I prefer to listen somewhere a little further out than "near-field", but not far enough out where the room's sound will be easily detected. I've heard systems where the guy sat in a sofa placed against the back wall and the speakers were 15' away on the opposite wall. I couldn't stand it. You had to turn it up too loud for the speakers to overcome the sound of the room. If he moved his chair out from the back wall and his speakers in from the front wall, he could've used 1/4 the power (less compression and distortion) and had, IMO, much better fidelity. So maybe some of us hear these things in radically different ways. I still haven't been to the orchestra and heard a good stereo image. In some ways, the mediocre recordings from Columbia more closely resemble the sound at the cheap seats. If only they could hang me from the ceiling like I was a microphone.

Don Cox wrote:

The room will always be the most important factor. However, building and
treating a custom listening room is more expensive that buying snake-oil

I have heard lovely sound from cheap gear in good rooms, and horrible
sound from good gear in the little back rooms of hi fi shops.

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