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Re: [ARSCLIST] Early stereo mass market tapes

On 19/10/06, Steven C. Barr(x) wrote:
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> From: "Karl Miller" <lyaa071@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
>> As for the discs...I have a several dozen discs at home in a section
>> of my collection which I call, "It's Stereo." It includes everything
>> from games of Ping Pong to choruses moving from the left to the right
>> speaker, also a series of discs on RCA, the LSA series plus
>> electronic works like Stockhausen's Kontakte which made heavy use of
>> panning.
>> Most of these are especially fun listening with headphones.
> Well, in those early days, the idea was to show off the fact that one
> actually owned a STEREO sound system! Common novelty items also
> included trains and/or racing cars moving from one speaker to the
> other (which could have been disquieting if one's speakers were hooked
> up "backwards!").
> The ones I recall were the first stereo Beatles LP's...on which,
> when one played only one channel one only heard half the group!

The "High Society" film soundtrack LP is much the same.

I would like to find a copy of the Decca demo LP with the ceremony at
the Tower of London.

Don Cox

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