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Re: [ARSCLIST] Early stereo mass market tapes

I must take exception,with your lumping in of all
budget Lps here.Any serious collector,or historian,of
60s rock,will tell you there are many of these records
of merit,and importance.This was where a number of
people got thier start,as struggling young artists,or
local garage bands.The most obvious example,being Lou
Reed and John Cale at Pickwick
However,there was also Rick Derringer's pre-McCoys's
"Beatlerama",which was issued under the name "The
Manchesters",which has some very good Beatlesque
garage originals,as do almost all Beatle  
exploitation records.
   Cameo/Parkway had a budget label called Wyncote,who
issued two Monkees exploitation records.These have
become highly sought after collectors pieces,due to
thier oddball Zappaesque psych("Fifth Class Mail" has
appeared on compilatin CDs.),but there are also a
number of Zombies-inspired garage gems on these
Lps.Virtually all of these exploitation records are
garage classics.One of the most beloved of these
recods,is "Light My Fire",by THe Firebirds.(An
aside,it took me 25 years to track down a
copy,although there have been two CD reissues.)
This is an incredibly good,and truly unique,record of
proto metal/psychedelic hard rock,by a garage band
from LA.It is a primitive gem ,as witnessed by the
$100+ price tag a good copy brings.

This came out on Crown.Crown was the main Lp outlet
for the legendary west coast R&B labels RPM,and
Modern.Crown was thier Lp label,but it just happened
to be a budget label.They issued a lot of Lps of
this,but each was pressed in very small quantity.The R
& B records are all valuable collector's pieces.Yes
they also put out a lot of the regular budget label

      There are also some gems of Fxotica,in the
output of these labels. The ones most people cite are
"Astro Sounds From Beyond 2000",and "Voodoo" by Robert
Drasnin (Which I own an original of.)
I have found a few facinating pieces,like "Exotic
Island" by "The Surfmen" on Somerset 
http://www.spaceagepop.com/surfmen.htm  A gem worthy
of Martin Denny,that includes JImmy Rowles and Paul
Horn.And many more obscure treasures.

      In classical we have Remington,Eli Oberstein's
labels,and other lesser known records.Amoung these,are
a record I own of excerpts from "Swan Lake", by "The
French National Radio Orchestra" (ONRF?),under the
baton of French Compser Henri Tomasi.This came out on
Promenade, another Synthetic Plastics label,which was
replaced by Diplomat.This may be an unreleased radio
recording,like the German ones Oberstein
released.Meaning,there are probably other classical
gems like this out there,that we may never
unmask,which is why I buy the ones I find,especially
on lesser labels.
 There are at least two CD reissue labels devoted to
these psudonymous/unidentified recodings.

Longtime Jascha Heiftz accompanist,Emmanuel Bay made a
noteworthy piano recital record for TOPS,about
1959/60.Eric Leinsdorf,and The Eastman Rochester
Pops,made some budget records,in his pre Westminster
days,as did a young Wolfgang Sawallich,and the

  David Bowie collectors are well aware of the 1967 UK
budget top ten Lp,containing his cover of "Penny
Lane".an easy $300 on eBay.There are numerous others
that may never be identified.

     So it ain't all garbage.

                             Roger Kulp

--- "Steven C. Barr(x)" <stevenc@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
> Well, we start out with any/all recordings (78's
> included if any) by:
> Mantovani and his Orchestra (post-c.1935 or so)
> 101 Strings
> The Norman Luboff Choir
> The Longines Symphonette
> Any Readers' Digest sets which feature
> semi-anonymous remakes
>    as opposed to reissues of original recordings
> Virtually all LP albums which sold new for 99 cents
> or less(?!)
> Any recordings of high-school bands or vocal units
> (with the
>    exception of your alma mater or works featuring
> your offspring)
> Any anthologies sold or promoted by "easy listening"
> FM stations
> Any LP's with a well-known name on their cover but
> which turn out
>    to have one or two cuts by him/her/it and the
> rest by unknowns
> Any LP's whose titles end in "...For Lovers,"
> "...For Dining" or
>    in any other way suggest musical contents of
> innocuosity...
> Any LP's which are sold primarily as souvenirs of a
> travel
>    destination
> additions...?!
> Steven C. Barr

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