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Re: [ARSCLIST] Early stereo mass market tapes

ya know, I really prefer first 3 albums era Police. What a poser Sting has become! This is almost Spinal Tap level of mock-ability.

-- Tom Fine

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--- David Lennick <dlennick@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Karl Miller wrote:

> On Thu, 19 Oct 2006, David Lennick wrote:
> > Thanks for mentioning Richard Nanes. But how
could you omit Rod McKuen's Piano
> > Concerto et al?
> While I can't say I care for McKuen's "classical"
work, and I don't feel
> qualified to speak about popular music, I must
admit I have known some
> people who value his popular music. But when it
comes to his "classical"
> works, compared to Sacramento, McKuen sounds like

And then there's Heather Mills' favourite composer,
Sir Paul somebody.

> And, keeping this on the more academic side...why
I don't know...but...it
> does seem to me that I should...but such attempts
at "serious" music do
> have their place in our social history. It seems
that since classical
> music has been so often marketed for its "snob"
appeal, that music
> written purely to the snob market, with the aura
of concert music is an
> interesting story.
> Then we had Gerard Hoffnung's offering of a piano
concerto...was it
> "compiled by Searle?" of gestures from many of the
more famous concertos.

Either Searle or Donald Swann..have to take a look.

> And, on the subject of related music humor, to end
on a sad note, I am
> reminded of the passing last night of that unique
gift to music, Anna Russell.
> Karl

This I hadn't heard. We've lost a number of
entertainment figures in Canada over the
last two weeks, including Jackie Rae (producer,
performer, songwriter), Gino Empry
(virtually invented press agentry in Canada), Sid
Adilman (Toronto Star showbiz
columnist), Lister Sinclair (broadcaster,
playwright, general expert on everything
and a helluva nice guy). I think Anna was 94 or 95.


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