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Re: [ARSCLIST] Early stereo mass market tapes

Ah yes,Anna Russel.The woman wh made the world "safe"
(?) for Mrs. Miller.
                            Roger Kulp

--- Karl Miller <lyaa071@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> On Thu, 19 Oct 2006, David Lennick wrote:
> > Thanks for mentioning Richard Nanes. But how could
> you omit Rod McKuen's Piano
> > Concerto et al?
> While I can't say I care for McKuen's "classical"
> work, and I don't feel
> qualified to speak about popular music, I must admit
> I have known some
> people who value his popular music. But when it
> comes to his "classical"
> works, compared to Sacramento, McKuen sounds like
> Beethoven.
> And, keeping this on the more academic side...why I
> don't know...but...it
> does seem to me that I should...but such attempts at
> "serious" music do
> have their place in our social history. It seems
> that since classical
> music has been so often marketed for its "snob"
> appeal, that music
> written purely to the snob market, with the aura of
> concert music is an
> interesting story.
> Then we had Gerard Hoffnung's offering of a piano
> concerto...was it
> "compiled by Searle?" of gestures from many of the
> more famous concertos.
> And, on the subject of related music humor, to end
> on a sad note, I am
> reminded of the passing last night of that unique
> gift to music, Anna Russell.
> Karl

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