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Re: [ARSCLIST] Dynamic-frequency Range

Karl Miller wrote:

For me, the major problem with historically informed performances is that,
while they might play on period instruments, keep the size of the ensemble
historically correct, use the original metronome markings, etc...they
can't replicate playing techniques that are no longer taught...things like
the use of rubato within a phrase without losing the overall beat,
measured portamento, etc. I wonder what Beethoven would have thought of
the Nikisch recording of the 5th or d'Albert's broadcast of the Emperor.

I've not much to add since we are in agreement. <G>

There is another factor in questioning the validity of HIP: the audience. Bach's audience had never heard Mozart; Mozart's had not heard Beethoven; u.s.w.

Consider the over-the-top performance of Vivaldi's "Four Seasons" in Phase-4 sound under Leopold Stokowski. I wonder how close the impact of his summer thunderstorm today is to the effect Vivaldi's orchestra in that music had on his audience.

We know that music we hear today as mellifluous and tranquil was considered disruptive, dissonant and abhorrent when composed. The music hasn't changed; performance practice has only moderate impact; but the audience is different.


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